Key People

Late Sri Om Prakash Ahuja (Founder)

Om Prakash Ahuja founded this company in 1973 in Haridwar, the holy city situated on the banks of river Ganga. Even though the official registration of company was done in 1973, he had been dealing in this line of business since 1960. Since his childhood, he was fascinated towards Rudraksha and Gemstones. As a keen reader, he studied a lot about them before deciding to enter this field of business and establishing Om Prakash & Sons. During this time, the subject and knowledge of Gemstones and Rudraksha was limited to saints and astrologers. He wanted to spread the knowledge about these power objects with the people, and that is when he decided to write a book. This book was called “Ratna Rahasya” (Secret of Gems). Later, he also wrote another book called “The Power of Rudraksha”. Both these books became very popular and were appreciated by people worldwide. Om Prakash Ahuja was instrumental in spreading awareness about Rudraksha & Gemstones, and his contribution in this field can never be forgotten.

Mukesh Ahuja

Mukesh Ahuja is the eldest son of Om Prakash Ahuja. Under the guidance of his father, he spearheaded Om Prakash & Sons along with his brothers to becoming one of the most renowned names in the field of Rudraksha and Gemstones. Passionate about his father’s mission of spreading awareness about Gemstones and Rudraksha, he worked hard towards making Om Prakash & Sons a reputable & recognizable company not just in India but across the world. Mukesh Ahuja currently heads our company and overlooks its operations.

Bimlesh Ahuja

Bimlesh Ahuja, second son of Om Prakash Ahuja holds good knowledge about all the different products that we deal in. He played a vital role in the growth of our company in the field of Gemstones. With a strong accounts background, he currently heads the finance department at Om Prakash & Sons.

Pawan Ahuja

Pawan Ahuja since his childhood was more inclined towards Rudraksha than Gemstones. He learned & gathered knowledge about Rudraksha from his father Om Prakash Ahuja. He heads the department of Rudraksha at Om Prakash and Sons. From sourcing / buying of Rudraksha to sorting on the basis of size, weight, faces (mukhis) and origin, he handles it all. The most premium quality of Rudraksha comes from Nepal and Pawan specializes in sourcing of these divine power objects right at the source in Nepal. With his constant efforts & hard work, Om Prakash & Sons is now the biggest dealer of Nepali Rudraksha in the world.

Sunil Ahuja

Sunil Ahuja, the youngest son of Om Prakash Ahuja, holds PG Diploma in Yogic Science from Gurukul Kangri Mahaavidyalaya, Haridwar. He had a natural interest in gemstones since childhood. And with rich background of family in gemstones, he was able to garner his knowledge about gemstones & their healing properties. He has also learnt Vedic Astrology and been initiated into Holistic Systems of Healing with the use of Gem & Rudraksha Therapy. An expert on Gemstones and Rudraksha & their uses in Vedic Astrology, Sunil’s expertise lies in reading the Vedic astrology birth chart of an individual to understand the planets that are suitable (good) for him/her & similarly the ones that are not favorable for him/her. His healing technique includes the use of appropriate combination of Gemstones & Rudraksha on the basis of planetary setup in an individual’s birth chart. At Om Prakash & Sons, he takes care of sourcing / purchase of cut & polished stones. He also happens to be our in-house Astrologer and does free consultation.

Gitesh Ahuja

A Graduate Gemologist from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Gitesh Ahuja is heading the export department at Om Prakash & Sons. His expertise lies in Colored Gemstones – Sorting, Grading & Pricing, and Jewelry Designing & Manufacturing – Fine Diamond & Colored Stones. With the rich family background in Gems & Rudraksha and after formally gaining education in the field of Jewelry Making & Gemstones, he introduced & started making Yoga & Soulful Jewelry. He has been promoting & supplying this kind of jewelry to a number of Yoga Studios and Spiritual Institutions across the world.

Nitish Ahuja

Nitish Ahuja, the youngest in the team handles Marketing, Communications and Business Development at Om Prakash & Sons. He is also the head of our Ecommerce sales channel.

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