Why Choose Us

Because we are not resellers, we are the MAKERS!

*All our products (Mala, Wrist Mala, Bracelets) are handmade by artisans at our store in Hardwar, India. The beauty of a mala lies in the way it is made or knotted and therefore we ensure that only the best of the artisans are making these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

*We make genuine malas here in Hardwar (India) with care, crafted by Meditation Practitioners. Om Prakash & Sons, oldest & most reputed wholesaler in this line of business, crafts malas that are well designed and durably strung. We create malas as photographed, perfect for Mantra Practice.

*We use the very best nylon mala cord for most semi precious stone mala designs with tassels; knotted malas use 25lb nylon bead-line or knotting cord.

*All our mala beads are inner polished i.e. the hole inside the bead is also polished so that it doesn’t cut/break the thread or elastic.

*All our gemstones have 1 to 1.5 mm hole to ensure thick thread knotting.

*We use only authentic materials, real semiprecious stones, pure silver and pewter, natural seeds/beads (Rudraksha), genuine Indian-woods. Each strand is hand selected by our designer, and every bead is checked.

*We buy directly from the stonecutters, and remove the "middleman" to save costs. Stone quality is appraised at AB to B+. These are very good quality stones and reasonably priced, the "middle way." Therefore be rest assured, you will get the BEST QUALITY at very AFFORDABLE PRICE.

*We buy beads from expert craftspeople that carefully "calibrate" (measure) the beads for better regularity. We prefer not to make your mala with commonly available, inexpensive imported beads that are irregular, and have flaws. We are very selective about materials offered in making your special mala. Most of the beads that we choose are measured when they are made, a process called "calibration," to ensure roundness and regularity. Our beads are sustainably harvested, fairly traded, and ethically produced.

*We are known for making highly customizable products / designs based on the requirement of our clients. You chose the gemstones, beads, silver ‘spacers’ and/or ‘charms’ (if any), thread / cord color, tassel color that you want to use and we will make it for you. It is that simple with us.

*We have been professionally creating malas for over 4 decades, and selling them since 1973 (primarily wholesale), and our quality and value cannot be reproduced. We have an ongoing rapport with customers, who recognize our craftsmanship, care and personal attention to detail. We are proud to be associated with a lot of Ashrams, Spiritual Organizations and Yoga Studios in India and across the world.

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