Aventurine Mala

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Aventurine is a lovely stone also referred to as 'Stone of Self Reflection & Opportunity'. It brings about an inner equilibrium and amplifies leadership skills and abilities. Told to stimulate dreaming as well as enhancing visualization, Aventurine has quite a positive effect on the human psyche. It is told to impart incredibly creative ideas from one’s inner openness and due to aligning of the physical and astral bodies.

No. of Beads: 108 + Guru Bead

Mala Length: 6MM:- Hangs 39 CM (Approx.), 8MM:- Hangs 52 CM (Approx.)

Note: As Each Piece Is Handmade & Unique, The Length Mentioned Is Approximate.

Healing Properties

Aventurine is considered an all-around ‘luck’ stone. Green Aventurine is told to relieve anxiety and calm one’s emotions. It is said to have the ability to enhance one’s sense of humor and cheerfulness as well. Aventurine is told to assist one in making decisions from the heart and bestowing the courage to live one’s truth openly and proudly around others, without the worry of judgment. 

Chakra Properties

Green Aventurine is related to the heart; Much akin to a cherished shield, Aventurine provides a protective defense against others who wish to attach themselves to use one’s personal energy as their own.