Sulemani Hakik Mala

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Sulemani Hakik, also said to be 'Master of One’s Future Stone' is a wonderful healing crystal for anyone who is under extreme mental or emotional stress or one who is facing difficulty while trying to concentrate or focus. Black Onyx is said to banish grief, enhance self-control, & stimulate wise decision making. Also, it boosts morale so that one can approach a task or lesson with greater self-confidence and determination.

No. of Beads: 108 + Guru Bead

Mala Length: 6MM:- Hangs 39 CM (Approx.), 8MM:- Hangs 52 CM (Approx.)

Note: As Each Piece Is Handmade & Unique, The Length Mentioned Is Approximate.

Healing Properties

Sulemani Hakik provides balance to the body, and strength harmony to the mind. Also, it assists one in absorbing the energies of the universe that one most requires. Known to be particularly helpful with skin ailments, fungal infections, and healing infected wounds inflammation, & especially when one has been sunburned.

Chakra Properties

Primarily Sulemani Hakik is associated with the 1st, Root/Base Chakra, assisting one with challenges in life, especially those caused by a drain of one’s energy. Grounding and then controlling or eliminating excess or unwanted energies.