13 Mukhi Premium Rudraksha  (Nepali Bead)
13 Mukhi Premium Rudraksha  (Nepali Bead)

13 Mukhi Premium Rudraksha (Nepali Bead)

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The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha holds the aura and attraction of Lord Indra and Lord Kamdev. Wearers of this sacred Rudraksha bead experience profound spiritual and material fulfillment and so he/she is able to appreciate life. Likewise, the wearer of the 13 Mukhi Rudraksha oozes/exhibits tremendous power of attraction. Wearing this bead blesses the person with the perfect measure of balance required between holding a desire, drawing in the relevant resources, and igniting the passion needed to accomplish the desire. Lord Kamdev is satisfied with the man who wears this Rudraksha ("Kartikeya samo gyeye sarva Kaamarth Sidhidah). It is strongly recommended for those seeking Attraction, Abundance & eight Siddhis (instant accomplishment by wearing this Rudraksha) which are as under • Aṇimā: reducing one's body to the size of an atom
• Mahimā: expanding one's body to an infinitely large size
• Laghimā: becoming almost weightless
• Prāpti: ability to be anywhere at will
• Prākāmya: realizing whatever one desires
• Īśiṭva: supremacy over nature
• Vaśiṭva: control of natural forces