5 Mukhi Amla Rudraksha (Nepali Bead)
5 Mukhi Amla Rudraksha (Nepali Bead)

5 Mukhi Amla Rudraksha (Nepali Bead)

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As per Devi Bhagwat Puraan, the description of a Five Mukhi matches that of a Five Mukhi Amla Rudraksha bead. This is a fully mature bead which falls from the tree, only when it has completed its complete life cycle. Defined as Pathri Chikna, this bead is sturdy, heavy and smooth on the outside. Its weight is usually double in contrast to normal Panch Mukhi. The size of the bead is usually anywhere between 25-28 mm.  

100% Natural & Lab Certified 5 Mukhi / Five-Faced Nepali Rudraksha

Significance of Five Mukhi

A Five Mukhi Rudraksha Amla bead consists of 5 clefts or lines on its surface and is used for chanting mantras.  Also referred to as Panchmukhi Rudraksha, it is a representative of Kalagni Rudra (form of Lord Shiva), and a religious remedy to treat the malefic effects of planet Jupiter. The five-faced Rudraksha bead helps in attaining mental, religious, and spiritual growth. The Rudraksha is most commonly used in Vastu as it has the ability for protection. The Five Faced Amla Rudraksha helps to attain self-confidence and improves your creativity. For the students, who are weaker in studies, the panch Mukhi rudraksha is advantageous for academic excellence.