Amazonite Multi Color Mala

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Amazonite Multi-colour Mala Bead’s icy blue colour, like a clear sky, reminds one of his/her infinite potential. This soothing realization overwhelms & ushers hope to move forward.

Amazonite Properties (Multi-Color Mala Beads)

Amazonite hand-knotted 108 Mala beads fills the wearer’s heart with abundant courage, necessary to move out from any uncomfortable or painful situation. It helps to undo feelings of self-doubt & pity, unlocking doors for the artistic/ creative side of one’s personality to flourish. Incorporating amazonite mala beads in meditation practice assists in opening intuition and the third eye. This Stone of Soothing and courage is perfect necklace for those endeavouring to heighten their spirituality and mindfulness. Amazonite stone introduces clarity in perception by clearing clutter off the mind, bettering one’s ability to see both sides of a situation from different standpoints.

Amazonite Healing Properties

Since Amazonite is an extremely soothing stone, it calms down the nervous system. By cleansing negative energy and emotional trauma, it brings about at a state of equilibrium to brain function. Amazonite gemstone especially helps in balancing the adrenals, when these glands are exhausted by mental stress or emotional suppression. Also, it balances the masculine and feminine energies to create a healthy environment for relationships to prosper.

Amazonite Chakra Properties

Amazonite has the ability to balance and soothe all the chakras, although when placed on the 4th Heart Chakra, and 5th Throat Chakra, it is particularly rejuvenating.

No. of Beads: 108 + Guru Bead

Mala Length: 6MM:- Hangs 39 CM (Approx.), 8MM:- Hangs 52 CM (Approx.)

Note: As Each Piece Is Handmade & Unique, The Length Mentioned Is Approximate.