Amazonite Multi Color Bracelet

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Had a breakup, lost a loved one, or want to do away with haunting memories, whatever, the ice-blue Amazonite bracelet will relieve you of toxic emotions!

Amazonite Multi-color Properties

Amazonite Multi-Color Bracelet's soothing and calming charm makes it a superb accessory to don so as to raise confidence, sense of pride and courage. Bringing its soothing synergy into daily meditation practice allows one to experience the journey of transcending from a negative mental state to a positive one. Not only you will be able to explore your capabilities to the fullest, but will also be able to rejoice a heightened sense of spirituality & artistic wisdom.

Amazonite Multi-color Healing Properties

This cleansing stone will relieve you of toxic emotions & psychic debris coming into existence from traumatic experiences of the past.  Amazonite healing stone balances your aura, aligning the etheric body with the physical body, enabling you to reach optimal health to seize the day. Since it removes clutter from the brain, this has a calming effect on the nervous system. Amazonite stone soothes emotional wounds which bring about crystal clarity in communication with loved ones.

Amazonite Multi-colour Chakra Properties

Amazonite is a powerful throat chakra and heart chakra stone.

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Small: 7 inches

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Large: 7.5 inches

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