Citrine Bracelet With Rudraksha
Citrine Bracelet With Rudraksha

Citrine Bracelet With Rudraksha

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Citrine Bracelet or as many like to call it “Happy Sunshine Stone” can be found in a range of pale yellow, to a golden brown, and even a lovely burnt amber. Derived from the French word for lemon, “citron,” Citrine oozes a juicy lemon color, though the color variation is due to the presence of iron. For its lovely color, it is recognized as a stone of happiness, joy, sunshine, light, and life.

Bracelet Sizes Available

X Small: 6.75 inches

Small: 7 inches

Medium: 7.25 inches

Large: 7.5 inches

X Large: 8 inches

Healing Properties

Citrine engraved on to a bracelet enhances the body’s healing energy, opening the conscious mind to intuition, and directing creative energy into the open mind. Citrine is one of the only gemstones that dispels and dissipates all negative energy, yet never requires cleansing or clearing. Emitting a warm energy that promotes joy and optimism, it attracts abundance as well, warding off depression, stress and general unhappiness. Citrine has been commonly known by the names “Success Stone”, “Abundance Stone”, and “Merchants Stone”, told in lore to promote success and abundance specifically in business and commerce.  

Chakra Properties

Citrine’s radiant yellow and gold coloring activates, opens and energizes to heal and balance the 3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the 2nd, Navel Chakra, directing creativity, intellectual decisiveness, and personal powers.