Divine Feminine Mala

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Designed for those who are willing to embrace the goddess within, the Divine Feminine Mala features the Moonstone (Stone of Emotional Harmony and Wellbeing), Mother of Pearl (The Gentle Healing Power Stone), Chrysocolla (Stone of Self-Awareness and Inner Balance), & Amazonite (Stone of Soothing & Courage). The outcome is the enhancement of oratory skills, artistic skills, communication skills, and expressive power. Divine Feminine energy mala continually stimulates the intellect and promotes the realization of self-potential. It raises the wearer’s familiarity with the truth on all degrees of being, which leads to attunement with the divine. It is also helpful in removing emotional blockages & in gaining the flexibility to act level headedly.

Chakra Healing: It protects the Crown Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Throat Chakra & Heart Chakra.