Frankincense Oil (12 ML)

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Frankincense otherwise called Olibanum is an aromatic resin normally developing in the dry, sloping mountain ranges of India and is the most cherished of all-natural fragrances world over for its exceptionally fresh smell.

In India, frankincense is part of each religious ritual. Frankincense oil is extensively utilized in the Siddha and Ayurvedic medical systems. Obtained from the scraggly however tough Frankincense trees by cutting the bark, which is called striping, and after that, the exuded resin is allowed to bleed out and harden. Frankincense oil can treat asthma, looseness of the bowels, ulcers and skin sicknesses.

1) Directly apply on the skin, simply use like a perfume.

2) It can be used for massage therapies. Many Ayurveda & acupuncture massage therapists use this by mixing it in olive oil or any other massage oil.

3) This can also be used in diffuser aromatherapy by adding few drops of oil in water. You can use it in an electric or candlelit diffuser.

4) This can also be used for an aromatic experience by applying it to your Mala beads.

Note: This is not an edible grade oil. Do not eat or consume.