Lotus Oil (12 ml)

Lotus Oil (12 ml)

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There are rarely any myths surrounding the benefits of the Lotus flower since it’s the only flower that opens on its own in the morning, & closes at night.  Lotus essential oil is mostly used for enhancing mood, spirituality, and relaxation. Just inhaling the aroma of lotus oil can create a sense of serenity. Besides, it is beneficial for meditation practices and facilitating deep breathing. It has been believed that the aroma of the Lotus essential oil activates Crown Chakra (relating to true consciousness). The spiritual significance attached to this flower is such that in ancient Egypt is it was considered a symbol of sun, rebirth, and creation. Moving to the extraction of oil from the Lotus flower, so is done from dried lotus flowers through the process of steam distillation.

1) Directly apply on the skin, simply use like a perfume.

2) It can be used for massage therapies. Many Ayurveda & acupuncture massage therapists use this by mixing it in olive oil or any other massage oil.

3) This can also be used in diffuser aromatherapy by adding few drops of oil in water. You can use it in an electric or candlelit diffuser.

4) This can also be used for an aromatic experience by applying it to your Mala beads.

Note: This is not an edible grade oil. Do not eat or consume.