Rudraksha Mala (Premium Export Quality)

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The Rudraksha beads, also revered to as 'The Tears of Lord Shiva' are the original Vedic beads of power worn by the Gods, Yogis, and Rishis since times immemorial. History is proof of successful people adorning these to gain power, health, protection, and self-empowerment. As per ancient Vedic scriptures, the Rudraksha seed was created from the tears of Rudra, the fierce form of Shiva, and is endowed with medicinal, occult and beneficial spiritual properties.

No. of Beads: 108 + Guru Bead

Mala Length: 6MM:- Hangs 39 CM (Approx.), 8MM:- Hangs 52 CM (Approx.)

Note: As Each Piece Is Handmade & Unique, The Length Mentioned Is Approximate.

Healing Properties

Rudraksha beads are very powerful beads that are used to cure many physical and emotional disorders. Rudraksha beads are derived from the seeds of the fruit of a tree that grows in the Himalayas. Rudraksha beads are the most valued and are commonly used for Malas, garlands, prayers, and medicines.

A quality Rudraksha mala worn around the neck is supposed to bring good health and well being to the wearer. Rudraksha Malas used as Japa mala are considered highly effective for meditation and prayers