Sai Baba Sculpture in Bonded Bronze
Sai Baba Sculpture in Bonded Bronze

Sai Baba Sculpture in Bonded Bronze

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Height 6 inches/ Width 6.5 inches/ Weight 1.4 Kgs

This sculpture of Sai Baba in Bonded Bronze is for three classes of people; one of the many for whom the mysterious, marvelous, and miraculous of life hold interest and appeal; two, the searchers after spiritual light who have not yet found what they seek. And the third is the class of people who are pure devotees of Sai Baba.

For the less accustomed, Sai Baba was a unique and rare blend of all faiths; for him, there were no barriers of religion, sect, race, sex, caste, creed, language, and nationality. What is remarkable is that Sai Baba founded no new sect of his own nor did he establish any seat or peeth (religious sect), nor leave any spiritual heir. In all of India’s history, there has never been another like him. He is not a conventional saint. He wrote no critique of the Bhagavad Gita or the Upanishads or any other holy work. He made no pretensions to scholarship yet he had a profound insight into both Hindu and Islamic scriptures. He performed ‘miracles’ but in no manner of means to impress anyone, devotee or otherwise. Sai Baba in every way remains unique.