Tathagat (Lord Buddha In Panchdhatu)
Tathagat (Lord Buddha In Panchdhatu)

Tathagat (Lord Buddha In Panchdhatu)

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Specifications~Height: 18" inches/ Width: 12.5" inches 

This specimen titled 'Tathagat' depicts Lord Buddha seated with good poise and patination. Tathagat means “one who thus goes" or “one who thus comes", which actually means he is such — free from going and coming with no beginning or end, thus free from the mortal bindings, birth, and death. This is how Lord Buddha referred to himself when passing on wisdom to his disciples. Bringing this antique 'Tathagat' home shall be extremely helpful, in case you are keen on establishing a special place where you sit each day to meditate or just be with yourself along with your tools---Japa mala, incense, candles & the singing bowl used during chanting.