The Spiritual Way Bracelet

The Spiritual Way Bracelet

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The Spiritual Way Bracelet is entirely hand-knotted magic spell scintillator designed i to help those who are onto the path of seeking inner peace, awakening & lasting self-realization. A spiritual way bracelet aids the wearer by drawing him/her deeply into sincere introspection as a means for self-discovery and communion with the supreme. These bracelets bring along with them an Amethyst which is known as the stone of spirituality & contentment, Lavender Quartz which is the stone of love, healing and joy & Clear Quartz which is a master healer & stone of power.

Healing Properties

The Spiritual Way bracelet enhances energy & thoughts and purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical dimensions. It is perfect for both the spiritual seeker \ or one who is drawn to devotion and power of prayer.

Chakra Properties

The spiritual way mala is associated with Crown Chakra & Third Eye Chakra.