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White Moonstone Bracelet

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White Moonstone bracelet honours the Goddess in all women, so first and foremost, it’s a woman’s stone. White Moonstone’s reflective schiller reminds one that as the moon waxes and wanes through a natural cycle, so do we.  White moonstone bracelet acquires its magical occult powers from the moonlight which bring about good fortune while also empowering one to see into the future.

Sizes Available

X Small: 6.75 inches

Small: 7 inches

Medium: 7.25 inches

Large: 7.5 inches

X Large: 8 inches

Healing Properties

White Moonstone has reflective, calming energy so it helps in strengthening intuition and psychic perception. In India, the Moonstone (named Chandra Kanta in India) is considered quite sacred & it is believed that the stone absorbs energy from the moon on a full moon night. The stone calms the soul and mind so that one can focus on what is important in life.

Chakra Properties

While Moonstone cleanses negativity from all the Chakras, it primarily impacts the 2nd, Sacral/Navel Chakra, as well as lends balance to the 4th Heart Chakra with the 6th. Also, it influences the Third Eye/Brow Chakra helping one to gain emotional balance and gracefulness.